Tony Lee

Tony has written for dozens of licenses over a twelve-year career in comics, including DOCTOR WHO, SPIDER-MAN, SUPERBOY, X-MEN, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, 2000AD, MACGYVER and many more. For the last couple of years he’s moved away from comics into film and TV, as well as working on reluctant reader novels for Badger Publishing / Haven Books. 

His ‘CHANGE THE CHANNEL’ school talk tour aimed at reluctant readers has been seen around the world, but he’s kept his love of comics – recently his ALSO KNOWN AS graphic novel launched at the San Diego Comic Con this year, and his STEAMPUNK BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: 1880 trade has recently been collected.

With Dan Boultwood, Tony created DANGER ACADEMY (now in development as a US TV show), HOPE FALLS (optioned as a film) and THE BAKER STREET IRREGULARS (adapted into a US stage production), among others.

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