In the beginning, there were a handful of friends in a coffee shop.  Artists and writers met about 100 fans.  Whilst being small, Demoncon was a success from the start.

As it grew, Demoncon moved venues, first to the Hazlitt Theatre and finally to the Star Arcade.  More stalls and guests to meet people added, Cosplay introduced, until it became what it is today – a terrific family day out that stays faithful to the comic community.

The limited number of tickets makes it more intimate and relaxed, something  that guests and visitors enjoy.  Unlike the major cons, there’s an opportunity to chat with the guests, something they relish as they  discover what it is you like (and don’t like) about their work. Children get the chance to see the artists at work and talk to their ‘heroes’, without feeling overwhelmed.

The venue, Star Arcade, is flooded with natural light and the stalls flow.  You can get a coffee and food, sit down and take in the atmosphere.

Over the years, there’s been some incredible guests, many returning year after year; Jack Lawrence, Mark Laming, Dan Abnett to name but a few.